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Bespoke Legal Services = Custom tailored solutions that help you meet your goals.

Step 1: Identify your goal.
Step 2: Build your team.
Step 3: Create a plan of action.
Step 4: Work the plan.
Step 5: Repeat as needed.

Your Goals

The process starts with your goals. Many lawyers you meet will be eager to tell you what they think you need. This Firm thinks that the best person to decide what you need, is you. However, in order to make important life decisions, it is vital to have the knowledge necessary to make a truly informed decision. This is where having competent counsel is vital.

Building Your Team

It has been said that “…it takes a village.” Well, I will say that it certainly takes a team. Who do you want on your legal team?

Few of us, if left to ourselves, would get very far. There are teachers, babysitters, parents, siblings, coaches, pastors, friends, neighbors, etc., that most of us rely upon to help us grow and achieve in our everyday lives. Those who strive to achieve at a high level, understand that picking the right team members has a huge impact on their chances for success. When making those choices, it is important that the people you select are as dedicated to you reaching your goals as you are. As an attorney and adviser, your goals become my goals.

Many lawyers today prefer to specialize in a very specific area, and are most comfortable offering a very limited, specialized service. In some circumstances, the off the shelf approach to legal services might work for you. But what if that service is not ideal for your situation? Not everyone wants to have to deal with one lawyer for their will, one lawyer for their immigration issue, and yet another lawyer if they have an accident. In fact, many people would rather not deal with an attorney at all.

It is unlikely that you will receive objective advice if that attorney only sells that service. If you have financial concerns, and you ask an attorney whose practice focuses on bankruptcy, you would expect to be offered a bankruptcy solution when there might be other solutions available that will better serve your needs.

The key point to take away is simply this…do you want someone to sell you a generic canned service or do you want someone who will consider all available options for your unique situation that will help you set up your best action plan.

Creating a plan of action

This is where together with your team you begin to create your own road map. This is where you outline the action steps required for you to meet your goals. It is a lot like preparing for a big athletic event. In order to successfully complete a marathon it is necessary to plan, prepare, and execute. The planning needs to be detailed but not lose sight of the goal. Milestones must be identified and interim goals achieved. Once you have the map laid out, you move on to step four.

Depending upon the specifics of your circumstances you may need more than one professional on your team. Professional Athletes for example often need a lawyer, accountant, various investment advisers, doctors, trainers, etc. There is no magic formula for every situation, but having a good team is important. After every final in a major tennis tournament the player will thank his or her team, it is that important.

Using any number of tools in the attorney’s tool kit, a plan of action is developed to help you meet your goal. Whether you have been injured in an accident and need assistance dealing with an insurance company, or you are seeking to open a new company in the United States, creating your plan of action begins with a call to Florida Defense Law, P.A.

Working the plan

Now that you have prepared yourself, it is time to put in the hard yards, and work the plan. Working the plan may include allowing your team to get to work on your behalf, or it may require some homework on your part. The important part of working the plan is that when you or your team member see that a part of the plan is not producing the desired result, you circle back, create a revised plan, and get back to working the newly revised plan.

Repeat as needed


Located along the Gulf Coast of Florida, near the training center for many world-class athletes, including the world-famous tennis academy IMG, the Firm provides value through helping clients create effective solutions to help meet their specific goals. The Firm also assists athletes in all phases of the athletic career. Whether you are a pre-professional looking for legal advice, or a seasoned professional looking for someone who you can relate to and who has your interests in mind, the Firm is here to assist you with all of your legal needs.

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