Surviving Debt

Are you facing Foreclosure? Defend your home!

No matter what stage of foreclosure you are in, I can likely help.

Many homeowners facing foreclosure have been inundated with mail from people offering help.  You may be facing a law suit because you have not been able to keep up with mortgage payments, or perhaps you have fallen behind on your association dues.  Regardless, there are plenty of people out there trying to get your attention, offering their solution.  The noise can be deafening and it can be difficult to decide what the right direction for you may be in your circumstances.  If you take away one thing from your visit to this website it is this – Defend your home!

Defending your foreclosure case is a sound business decision in many if not most situations.

Your home and your personal finances are important.  By defending your foreclosure case you may be able to avoid a judgment of foreclosure and a potential deficiency judgment.  Battles are being waged inside our Circuit Courts as well as the Federal Bankruptcy Courts.  Many Americans fail to understand that there is more at stake than a party’s inability to pay.  This fight is about more than that.  By defending your foreclosure case, you are defending the Rule of Law.

Some would have you believe 1) you agree to pay, 2) you haven’t paid as agreed, 3) so the bank can throw you out on the street.  A breached agreement to pay does not abrogate hundreds of years of law.  The courts are obligated to enforce the law even when it’s the big banks that are suing. Without skilled attorneys in these cases, the counter-weight on the scales of justice, people’s rights are being trampled.  Unfortunately, every case that gets slammed through our court system unopposed moves us ALL further away from the Rule of Law.

If you have been served with a Summons and Complaint you are involved in a lawsuit and need to talk to an attorney.  If you are not yet behind on your mortgage payments but need a plan of action, you need to talk to an attorney.  If you have been ignoring your foreclosure or other credit issues we hope you will make the decision to do something now and contact our office for a FREE consultation.

My approach is simple.  I can explain the various strategies and options available to you, analyze your case for possible defenses and share the risks and benefits related to various options.  I have experience handling litigation for the defense in more than 350 foreclosure cases.  When we meet I will share with you some of my experiences.

Consumer Law – Credit Card Defense

If you are having issues with creditors, whether it is with credit card companies, a car loan, or medical bills, having the assistance of an attorney who is passionate about helping people find solutions can make all the difference.  There are laws designed to protect you from collectors who step over the line.  Whatever your circumstances, there may be solutions and defenses available to you that you may want to explore.  We may be able to help you work with debt collectors and avoid filing bankruptcy if that is your desire. Please contact my office to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.  I will, at no charge, discuss with you in detail what options may be available and help you to develop a plan.

Consumer Bankruptcy

I am admitted to the Middle District of Florida and I am able assist you in filing Bankruptcy if you decide to do so.  My goal is to help you find your best solution and develop a plan of action that makes sense to you.  Only by taking a good look at your circumstances, knowing the risks and benefits, can you make an intelligent choice about your legal strategy.  I am available to assist.

Please contact my office for a FREE consultation to discuss your situation and begin developing your strategy.

Bankruptcy is often the first option that comes to mind for many people when they find themselves faced with difficult financial issues.  Bankruptcy can provide you with relief, however many people are interested in avoiding filing for bankruptcy relief if possible.  Filing for bankruptcy is not always the only option as often there are other solutions available that may be worth exploring.  The decision to file bankruptcy is an important one and there are both benefits and consequences.  Taking the time now to understand what options may be available based upon your unique circumstances, and then creating a plan of action that you are comfortable with, one that will help you reach your goals, may be time well spent.

“I assist clients in the defense of their real estate foreclosure cases, credit card lawsuits and other
debt collections suits, and in the filing of a bankruptcy if appropriate. My goal is to help you meet your goals. You may feel overwhelmed but you are not alone. Due to this current economic cycle many people find themselves in financial situations unlike anything they have ever experienced. Many of these people are not yet aware of their options.”


The services or benefits are with respect to bankruptcy relief under Title 11 of the United States Code.  This firm, under Federal Law, is considered a debt relief agency and helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code within the meaning of Title 11 United States Code Section 528.