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PINO Update

Well, it has been a while but there is movement on the previously discussed PINO case. See Previous Post Here

Oral argument will be held this week and you can watch them streaming online here: Oral Argument Stream

I do not have the time to detail and analysis of this issue here but this case is important to all of us who defend Floridians in foreclosure and for in-depth discussion of some of the issue raised please check out what my colleague Matt Weidner has written about the case on his Blog. You will get a good overview of some of the issues and why this case is important not just for foreclosures but for the rule of law.

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If you cannot sell your home, it has ZERO value. This is a problem.

Take a look at this article describing a recent Massachusetts case.  A buyer of a foreclosure sought to quiet title to the property…read the entire article on Housing Wire.

“The issue for a homeowner is having to prove that a foreclosing entity had the right to foreclosure. But if I am someone who has bought a foreclosure, I now cannot sell my home until I can prove that the foreclosing entity had that right of foreclosure, which might be difficult for me to prove.”

If you cannot sell your home, it has ZERO value.  This is a problem.

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Quiet Title

Action to Quiet Title.  A proceeding to establish a plaintiff’s title to land by compelling the adverse claimant to establish a claim or be forever estopped from asserting it.  Black’s Law Dictionary, (2004).

There are many reasons why one may need to bring an action to quiet title on real property.

If you have purchased property at a tax lien auction, filing a quiet title action is necessary in order to be able to convey marketable title.  Through this action, any clouds on the title may be removed, and any prior claims may be extinguished, leaving the owner with clear and marketable title.

You may have a different situation, such as a conflict in boundary descriptions in diverse recorded conveyances due to a clerical error or there may be improper liens on the property.  In some cases, simply refinancing your home may create clouds on title in the event that the interests of the parties were not properly recorded or in the event that proper satisfactions of prior liens have not been properly recorded.

If you are considering whether or not to purchase a property that has been foreclosed on, or are considering buying a property at a foreclosure auction, there are issues related to title that you might want to discuss with an attorney.

If you have questions about Quiet Title actions, please call my office and I am happy to discuss your case with you.

In 2014, Attorney Alexander Scott Dennison filed a lawsuit in Sarasota County Florida to quiet title to property and argued that both the Statute of Limitations and the Statute of Repose have run. For more information about this case, which as of January 26, 2015 is still pending before the 2nd DCA, please visit this link to Howell vs Suntrust, et al.

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PINO goes all the way.

This case is important; anyone who wants to get a taste for the issues that lawyers involved in foreclosure defense deal with should read the linked documents.  This case really relates to one issue, which is committing a fraud upon the court and then, after you get busted, dismissing the case and getting a do-over without any consequences.  I will continue to watch with great interest.

Link to documents.

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